Wonder Lust by Lavender Daye

Wonder Lust (Somewhere, Texas Book 1) - Lavender Daye

This is a low point in the series for me. The story of naive-ish college student hooking up with a womanizing history professor seemed a little cliche, but there were some nice highlight in it. The professor was always upfront with women about not being interested at least, so he was a good womanizer - sort of? There just wasn't a whole lot of meat to their relationship and the mini BDSM elements fell short of being very realistic. In fact, the part that I wanted to see them most - their trip to Dallas - was skimmed over in just a few paragraphs.

In order to beef the story up, a stalker was added, but he was never really part of the story. To be honest, I forgot about him until he had his next couple paragraphs later in the story, and then again towards the end. He seemed to be added just to give the reader something to read.

I'm also confused as to why Delia's family history was so important. We actually hear more about this than the stalker, but then it just went away and we don't hear more about it. I was very confused. There were some many good directions to go, but none of them were taken.

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