A Bad Boy for Christmas by Jessica Lemmon

A Bad Boy for Christmas - Jessica Lemmon

Faith and Connor are friends, they sometimes work near each other, and they both have the hots for each other. But Faith is a little gun shy after having her ex-fiance cheat on her, and Connor just doesn't seem to know what he wants. The setting for this is amazing - I loved the mansion and the little cottage that gets brought in later. They were just so well described and sounded beautiful.

The story gets off to a great start with a bit of suspense in the form of a possible bungled burglary. This paves the way for Connor to come to the rescue and play good guy, watching over Faith until they figure out what is going on. Of course, there was some random hot cop thrown in here that I didn't really understand the purpose of. He just seemed like a reason for Connor to get all possessive - which really didn't appeal.

Unfortunately, the burglary is solved very early and suddenly the couple is in some weird state of limbo. A chunk of the middle section just didn't seem to fit at all, or perhaps it could have been shortened and not so drawn out at least. Now, once we get them stuck in the cabin things get moving again.

A decent story, but that middle part was just too drawn out. I didn't see a reason for it other than to add to the page count.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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