The Talisman by Paula Knight

The Talisman - Paula Knight

Another novel split up into three parts....I'm just not a fan of the format, so I won't be getting the second and third ones. Which is really too bad, because it's a great start! There's a bit of a different twist with some Native American elements and some anthropology references that my inner nerd went crazy for. Not sure how accurate they were, but I like when an author at least tries.

We have a no-name office temp, Diana, who has this strange obsession with her boss and finally get to meet him. But, or course, he isn't what she expects - I doubt he's even human, but we still aren't sure by the end of this little bit.

Good potential to make a great story, but something you will want to buy a bundle for instead of picking it up in 30 page segments.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*