The Originals: The Loss by Julie Plec

The Originals: The Loss - Julie Plec

Things don't look so good in the Mikaelson family at the end of book one, but they are looking a tad bit better at the beginning of The Loss.  Rebekah has moved on from the loss of her love and is enjoying her "life" again.  But Klaus - always the brooding type - refuses to accept the fact that his love is gone.

In typical Klaus fashion, that I've grown to love to hate, he takes off on his own path and finds a way to get what he wants.  But, as always, it comes with a price that he doesn't realize. Soon the family finds themselves under attack by strange undead zombie like creatures.  And every night there are more of them.  Instead of banding together the siblings really fragment and go in three different directions here.  While I expected Klaus to do his own thing and not really give a crap, I was surprised to see it from the other two, especially the oh so mature Elijah.

Over all this was a very exciting addition to their history.  I really enjoyed seeing just how all the witch/werewolf/vampire rivalries got started and their affect on the lives of the people of New Orleans.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*