How to Master a Millionaire by Talia Hunter

How to Master a Millionaire - Talia Hunter

The whole idea behind this book was pure genius.  Seriously...what would a somewhat shy girl do if they had to pretend to be dominatrix for a week?  Ally somehow manages to convince Max that she is on - I never would have been able to pull it off without giggling.  Watching her take on this new role was really fun and it showed how strong she was and her ability to overcome her nerves.

Max is all alpha male so trying to learn to like submission is pretty hard for him.  He's glad that Ally seems to make it easier and you can really see the chemistry growing between them from the moment they meet.  I wish we had seen a little more of his softer side earlier in the story - but he hid it away until a bit later and then just let it loose.

So...why not five stars.  Well, romances based on lies can be tricky to wrap up.  Max is really pissed at Ally when he finds out she lied about be a dominatrix, but he still loves her.  What to do?  Not gonna give it away, but Talia Hunter did a pretty dang good job wrapping it up.  One of the better post-lie make ups I've seen.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*