Fallen SEAL Legacy by Sharon Hamilton

Fallen SEAL Legacy: 2 (SEAL Brotherhood) - Sharon Hamilton

Another really exciting story full of all sorts of action.  Another strong female character with a SEAL that just loves that part of her.  Book two in the Seal Brotherhood lets us go visit all the seal team guys again - wish I had seen a little bit more of our couple in book one, but the rest of the guys were definitely present in a big way.  Cooper (owner of the Babemobile) is about to find the woman that is going to change his world.  And he really needs that after losing his entire family.

Libby is awesome.  My only fault is the whole "I loved you at first sight" thing.  I just don't buy it - lust, yes.  But not love.  Libby is a fighter and she's not going to let anything bad happen if she can do something about it.  She was fun and quirky and she loved her cat.  Her family was a bit weird though.

Libby's father was my least favorite part of the story.  He was supposed to be a bit off I think, but he was just really not a person I could imagine staying with Libby and her mom.  Wanting to put everyone in danger just because he thought he was smart just didn't seem like something a dad would do.

The ending was out of this world.  I loved the build up of suspense.  Watching the SEALs in action was fantastic and my heart was pounding the whole time.

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