The Millionaire's Deception by Wendy Byrne

The Millionaire's Deception - Wendy Byrne

This book was a mixed bag for me.  I really loved Frankie.  She was fun and had an amazing personality.  The way she related to the "old folk" and "ex-fiances" was so much fun to experience.  Frankie is the big backer behind the campaign to keep the town from being bought up by a nasty developer.  She's fighting hard, but the developer fights dirty.

They send in Rafe.  I didn't like Rafe.  I really wanted Frankie to kick him in the balls and laugh at him for a good chunk of the story.  He shows up in town to try and convince her to sell her business - not realizing the Frankie is a girl and that she also has some amazing legs.  Ok - I can see how the name could throw you, but didn't you do just a little research?  You oh so awesome skills are flaunted several times and this was a serious oversight.  He also continues to try and "do his job" of getting her to sell while falling in love with her and having sex with her.  Such a jerk!!!

In the end he finds a way back into her good graces - but it seemed a little cheap to me.  This book had sooo much going for it outside of Rafe,  Even the old lady's book club was hilarious and just the right amount of random humor.  I just had such a hard time rooting for Rafe to get the girl.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*