The Unexpected Consequences of Love by Jill Mansell

The Unexpected Consequences of Love - Jill Mansell

This is the perfect mix of romance and what many would call women's fiction. There is love, laughter, tears, a bit of real life, and an amazing Happily Ever After. In fact, there are several HEA's scattered throughout the last half of the book like little candy goodies just waiting to be found. That is one of the things I enjoy best about Jill Mansell - she isn't skimpy with the good lovey feelings.

Sophie and Tula were both lovely girls and we are rooting for them to find love (even though Sophie thinks she doesn't want it) the whole way through. We really get to know them and the people in their lives so well. By the end of the book you fell like you've made some new friends. Even the side characters are memorable and every time one shows up, you're happy to see them again.

The story has quite a few surprises in store for you, and each one will shock you just a little. I learned a lot about Cornwall as well - I never really thought about people surfing on the coast of England before, but Jill Mansell sure makes it sound like the place to be. If only the town of St Carys was real!! It seems like a dream destination.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*