A Christmas Wish by Mina Khan

A Christmas Wish (A Djinn World Novella) - Mina Khan

While Christmas may be in the title of this book, it is just a really nice wintery read. Selene and Rayez get off to a big of a rough start - seeing as how she captured him and all. But they manage to have a few civil conversations and agree to help each other with one bad guy, and end up doing it with two. Now there is another djinn in the story that may have been mentioned in a previous story? There seemed to be just a tad bit of backstory that I missed.

I loved the take on the sorcerer and how he was using Selene and her brother for power. It was a twist on some of the more common rules of magic to make it something a little more unique and exciting. The big "fight scene" was very intense for being in a novella. The whole story was just very well done.

I did not get a chance to actually try the recipes - a few of the ingredients are not things we normally keep around the house - but then I don't cook much either. However, after reading the recipes - I must say they do sound quite good.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*