Erin's Gift by Nancy Fraser

Erin's Gift - Nancy Fraser

This is a very sweet historical romance.  The characters were very captivating and Seth's son is absolutely adorable.  The 1920's is sadly neglected (or I just can't find them) in historical romance and it is such an interesting era.  We get to see quite a few different sides of this period, from a speak-easy, to a shop girl, to a wealthy family home.  The time period was really brought to life.

Erin is such an innocent girl - a little too much maybe.  But I still loved her for it.  Seth falls for her from the moment he sees her in jail.  But he never imagines that she will end up working for him as a nanny.  Having her under his roof is such temptation, and he falls even more for her.  It was very well written and I was so happy when they got their HEA.