Jingle Bell Romance (Holiday Harbor #2) by Mia Ross

Jingle Bell Romance - Mia Ross

Holiday Harbor is an amazing small town.  It's everything people expect from one - close friends and nosy neighbors, a tight knit community that never forgets - whether it was a good thing you did or a bad.  Unfortunately for the pastor's long lost son, Nick McHenry, a lot of it is bad.  But Julia is new, she wasn't there for his history and she just may be one of the first ones to give him a chance.

The Holiday Harbor series is a clean romance, what many would consider inspirational.  The other two books in the series have Christian overtone, but this book was very much a Christian romance.  Perhaps it's because the pastor's family is a main role in the story.  God was a much larger presence in this book than in the others, and my personal preference is for him to a bit more discreet in these type of books.

I did love seeing Julia Stanton's history of how she ended up in Holiday Harbor.  She is such a sweet and intelligent person, it's hard to imagine anyone not loving her from the second they met.  Nich was just enough bad boy without being a really "bad boy" to set her personality off just right.

The think I like most about this series is how the story concentrates so much on their relationship.  As clean romances we don't get more than a few chaste kisses and some hand holding, so there is a lot going on emotionally.  And it's not only between our two main characters, you can see it in everyone around them as well - slight changes in behavior and attitude as the story progresses.  It's my favorite thing about this series - watching the entire town grow and change.

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