Sugar Plum Season (Barrett's Mill #2) by Mia Ross

Sugar Plum Season (Love InspiredBarrett's Mill) - Mia Ross

We briefly meet Amy and Jason in book one of Barrett's Mill, but we don't learn very much about them. Jason is the brother to the new owner of the mill and has been instrumental in its new found resurrection and success. He is a good hearted, hard working, down to earth type of man that thinks he has life figured out. And for the most part he does. He stays pretty steady throughout the story in a very good way, with only small changes and developments to his character.

Amy on the other hand, has a lot going on in her life and she tends to dwell on it a bit much. Her past accident is a central focus and one of the primary conflicts in the story, but Amy as a character just seemed to wallow in her grief over it a little too much. At one point in time a side character even mentions this, and I was so glad they did. This conversation jump started Amy's change and I adored her every step of the way - just not her beginning self.

The story is a slow moving and relaxing one - the kind I love to enjoy once in awhile, especially around Christmas time. There is a hint of drama here and there, but again, it seems that Amy is the one to continue to bring it up and make a big deal of it. The rest of the town is so much more laid back that her attitude really stood out. In the end I loved who she was and was happy with her decisions.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*