Blue Ridge Reunion (Barrett's Mill #1) by Mia Ross

Blue Ridge Reunion - Mia Ross

I love Mia Ross's writing style. It just makes the whole story sound so very real. Her characters seem like someone I could walk down the street and run into on any given day. Chelsea and Paul were bitter rivals to see who could be number one in high school and now that they are thrown together again, their rivalry may be renewed. They have very different ways of approaching problems and finding solutions. Listening to them bicker was very amusing and you could tell the whole town expected it of them.

But once they move beyond the bickering stage and realize that they each have a skill set, that while very different from each other, works very well together. Soon they become closer than they ever have before, but parts of their past and their dreams may stand in the way of them having a future together.

The city of Barrett's Mill was almost a character unto itself - with each citizen playing a vital role in its overall personality. I love when a place takes on such a presence in a story. I loved all the people and how they seemed to be working together towards goals even if they didn't realize it.

Mia Ross has a great way of writing inspirational romance. It is very subtle and if you aren't paying attention you may miss it and consider them just a clean romance. I think that this is the best way to show the mysterious ways faith can impact a person's life.