Sicilian Engagement (Entangled Indulgence) - Rachel Lyndhurst

This book had a lot of really good elements to it, but it also had some things that just didn't sit right with me as well.  Both of the characters were very well written and I enjoyed them a lot - but parts of their development just didn't feel a whole lot like a romance to me.  Perhaps I've read too many stories with lust at first sight and the no-strings-attached sex arrangement, but it just didn't fit for me this time.  Lora didn't seem to evolve much, and a love a character that has some important changes in themselves by the end of the story.  Lorenzo changed a lot by the end, but you just don't see it until he starts talking about it at the end.  I wanted to see and feel his change throughout the pages and I didn't get that.


There was a little excitement between the pages.  Lorenzo isn't a bad person, but he comes from some pretty shady roots.  Trying to cut ties with that can be dangerous and he is well aware of it - there are bodyguards everywhere.  They were constantly mentioned, but didn't really have enough to do to justify their constant presence.  I didn't really feel like I saw them fall in love.  The most interesting part of the story was Lorenzo's business deal and some of the details surrounding it that are revealed slowly throughout the book.  I loved that part of the story, but it definitely wasn't a romance.


The ending seemed to be a bit contrived.  We do have a happily ever after, I guess, but the way the final declarations are stated you have to wonder if they are really sincere - especially giving Lorenzo's background.  I just didn't feel very satisfied with this one.  All the right elements were in place at the beginning and they just didn't pan out well.