Savior Frequency (Frequency Series #1) by Shane Scollins

SAVIOR FREQUENCY (Frequency Series #1) - Shane Scollins

I had a hard time with this one. It took me forever (about half the book) to figure out what was going on and who was on which side. Even once I got there, I didn't completely understand everyone's motives, reasons, and goals. Kayci's former team mates were a complete mystery and I wish I'd had more understanding of them. I just felt lost through most of the book - even the cat part didn't do much, and I love when cats are in books. This one just served to make me wonder what the heck the characters were thinking even more. 

I really enjoyed the paranormal element of the story. The idea that the brain broadcasts frequencies, much like sound or radio waves, was a lot of fun to learn about. The story goes fairly in depth on how this works and it seems to be very well developed. If only I had gotten into the rest of the plot more, this would have been great.